The return is at the returner's expense.
Only those products that have not been purchased more than 14 days ago can be submitted for return.

The warranty period for all products is six months or longer according to the manufacturers’ conditions, except for products for which the car manufacturer has specified a certain replacement interval (e.g., belts, candles, filters).

The warranty covers product material and manufacturing defects. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear of products during operation (for example, wear of brake pads).
The same applies to products that have been incorrectly installed, poorly maintained, misused, or used on a race car.

Read more about the warranty and return conditions.

NB! The product warranty does not mean the automatic exchange of the products with a new one, but according to specific cases, the product is brought into conformity with the guarantee procedure by eliminating the defect on the purchased part or device!

If the product remains in EE's warehouse, we will issue a credit note immediately. If we send the product back to the EU warehouse, the EU warehouse decides on it, and generally, the credit invoices arrive by the beginning of the next month. Products returned to the EU warehouse at the end of the month will be moved to the next month. The amount is left on the user account as a prepayment. If you want the money back into your bank account, please let us know.

We have the following general rules for returns:

  1. The product must not be installed. Used products with installation features (except for warranty) cannot be bought back!
    - Physically treated or intentionally damaged products are non-refundable and void of any warranty.
    - Products that are incorrectly installed or damaged during disassembly cannot be bought back and do not have any warranty.
  2. The product must be in its original packaging and clean (without greasy fingerprints, etc.). Products without original packaging will not be bought back!
  3. You may not write or stick labels on the sales package. A product with a damaged sales package cannot be bought back!
  4. The returned product must have all AllCar or Polcar stickers and holograms intact. In their absence, the product will not be bought back (we have also discovered fake POLCAR/ALLCAR labels).
  5. Products marked "While supplies last" or special-ordered from the factory "On Order Only" will not be returned.
  6. A return application must be filled out (
  7. In the case of a product with traces of installation and use, fill out the Polcar Complaint Form (warranty return application).
    Products with traces of use can only be processed under warranty with a REAL REASON!
    - The reason for the return MUST be spelled out.
    - The data of the car for which the product did not fit are mandatory (especially important! Vehicle VIN code).
    - If the body parts do not match, pictorial information is mandatory! Always point out the differences in dimensions, for example 5 mm longer or 1 cm shorter, etc.
    - In the case of a defective product, the information must reach us immediately (take a picture of the product and immediately forward it to, but no later than 48 hours after receiving the goods. AllCar OÜ has the right to refuse to consider later claims.
You can always get help and instructions for filling out the forms from our customer service at
To bring the returned products directly to our warehouse with the customer's transport at our warehouse address, it must be coordinated with us in advance.

The product is returned to:
Penijõe tee 4a
Lääneranna parish
90304 Estonia

Special packaging (Return Seal):
The special package is a hermetically sealed transparent sealed package. The packaging is used for all electronic devices, sensors, and products that are afraid of the effects of the external environment (e.g., EGR valves). The packaging is also used for products in which the fingerprint also damages (etches and corrodes) the working surfaces of the product. Products sealed in special packaging are recommended to be installed with special rubber gloves, where contact with skin secretions is excluded.
The package can only be opened by a person with a definite desire to install a device or a spare part. There is no need to remove the packaging to familiarize yourself with the spare part or for external inspection - the packaging is transparent, and the contents of the package can be viewed very well. After opening the special packaging, the product cannot be returned.

NB! Packages must not be sealed with brown packing tape, masking tape, or so-called MacGyver tape. They damage the package. It is recommended not to reseal the packages or to use transparent packaging tape.
The packaging of the product to be returned must be wrapped or otherwise protected to prevent the packaging from being damaged by the transport company's labels (very difficult to remove, mostly damaging the packaging) and to prevent other damage during transport.
Open the packages correctly from the designated places in a way that preserves the package and allows it to be reused to ensure the preservation of the spare part during storage in the workshop, warehouse, or storage room in cases where the spare part is not assembled immediately. The packaging must not be torn or crushed under any circumstances - this will damage the packaging, and the product cannot be returned. The packaging must not be destroyed and disposed of until the product is finally assembled and it is 100% convinced that the product is in order, correctly assembled, and that the product does not have hidden warranty problems. After that, it is no longer mandatory to store the packaging, but it is recommended to store the product at least during the mandatory warranty period, i.e., six months. The packaging can be an important point of reference for proving the product's manufacturer and the product's origin.
Properly opening and storing the package leaves you with a recourse in case the product needs to be returned or sent under warranty for any reason. In warranty cases, the packaging is a very important source of additional information. The packaging is also necessary to prove damage during courier transport. If the packaging is destroyed, it is very difficult to prove that the damage occurred during the transportation of the product or spare part. The package also shows how the damage occurred. The feedback information also gives us the opportunity to inform the manufacturer about making the packaging more transport-safe.

PS! In order to avoid returns and related complications and paperwork, it is recommended to contact our customer service by phone and specify the suitability and quality of the products before ordering the product. The customer service people are also very familiar with the quality of the products in practice. They have both sales and return statistics. Customer service representatives can also make inquiries about the product to other companies that have bought the same product immediately before (e.g., in terms of style, how did this and that part fit with the code, or what needs to be done to install the part without problems).
The catalog is also built with quality in mind. For us, it is not the manufacturer or the manufacturer's package/packer that is important, but the quality of the product itself. For insurance works, it is recommended to choose products with quality 1-4 or the Green and Yellow zone. Red zone products are a good "B" group but with a very uneven quality level. A higher-quality product can sometimes be even cheaper; therefore, we ask you not to be guided by the popular rule "the more expensive product is always better" and "the well-known brand is always better". Unfortunately, this is not the case.

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