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Products obtained only with options 1, 2, 3, 4, and optionally also in the presence of 5 and 6

Selection 3

AURIS I (E15) 3/5D Hatchback, 10.06-04.10
AURIS I (E15) 3/5D Hatchback, 04.10-12.12
AURIS II (E18) 5D HB/Touring Sport, 10.12-06.15
AURIS II (E18) 5D HB/Touring Sport, 07.15-03.18
AVENSIS I (T22) 4/5D Sedan/LB/ST, 10.97-08.00
AVENSIS I (T22) 4/5D Sedan/LB/ST, 08.00-01.03
AVENSIS II (T25) 4/5D Sedan/LB/ST, 02.03-06.06
AVENSIS II (T25) 4/5D Sedan/LB/ST, 07.06-11.08
AVENSIS III (T27) 4/5D Sedan/SW , 11.08-10.11
AVENSIS III (T27) 4/5D Sedan/SW , 11.11-05.15
AVENSIS III (T27) 4/5D Sedan/SW, 06.15-04.18
AYGO I (AB1) 3/5Door Hatchback, 02.05-02.12
AYGO I (AB1) 3/5Door Hatchback, 02.12-05.14
CAMRY VI (XV40,CV40,SV40) 4D Sedan, 01.06-09.11
CARINA II (T15, T17) 4/5D Sedan/SW, 12.87-06.92
CARINA E (T19) 4/5D Sedan/LB/SW, 02.92-10.97
COROLLA VI (E92) 5D HB/LB/SW, 05.87-05.92
COROLLA VII (E10) 4/5D Sedan/HB//LB/SW, 05.92-04.97
COROLLA VIII (E11) 3/4/5D SEDAN/HB/LB/SW, 05.97-10.99
COROLLA VIII (E11) 3/4/5D SEDAN/HB/LB/SW, 05.97-11.01
COROLLA IX (E12) 3/5D Hatchback, 11.01-05.04
COROLLA IX (E12) 3/5D Hatchback, 05.04-02.07
COROLLA IX (E12) 4D Sedan, 11.01-05.04
COROLLA IX (E12) 4D Sedan, 05.04-02.07
COROLLA IX (E12) 5D Stationwagon, 11.01-05.04
COROLLA IX (E12) 5D Stationwagon, 05.04-02.07
COROLLA IX (E12J) 5D VERSO, 09.01-01.04
COROLLA IX (R10) 5D VERSO, 02.04-02.09
HILUX VII (KUN 15,25,26) 2/4WD Pickup 07.05-07.11
HILUX VII (KUN 15,25,26,35) 2/4WD Pickup, 07.11-06.15
IQ (AJ1) 3D Hatchback , 11.08-05.14
LANDCRUISER V8 I (J200,J202) 5D SUV, 08.07-08.15
LANDCRUISER 100 I (J100) 3/5D SUV, 01.98-08.07
LANDCRUISER 120 I (J120,J125) 3/5D SUV, 09.02-08.09
LANDCRUISER V8 (FJ200) 5D SUV, 08.15-
PRIUS II (NHW20) 5D Liftback, 08.03-03.09
RAV4 IV (XA40) 5D SUV, 12.12-10.15
RAV4 IV (XA40) 5D SUV, 12.15-12.18
STARLET 70 (P70/71) 3/5D Hatchback, 10.84-12.89
VERSO I (R20) 5D CMPV, 02.09-
VERSO I (R20) 5D CMPV, 11.12-
YARIS I (XP10) 3/5D Hatchback, 01.99-02.03
YARIS I (XP10) 3/5D Hatchback, 02.03-11.05
YARIS II (XP90) 3/5D Hatchback 08.05-08.08
YARIS II (XP90) 3/5D Hatchback, 08.08-06.11
YARIS III (XP130) 5D Hatchback 12.10-07.14

Selection 4

Selection 5

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