Products obtained only with options 1, 2, 3, 4, and optionally also in the presence of 5 and 6

Selection 3

ACCORD I,II (SJ,SY) 3D Hatchback, 01.79-09.83
ACCORD I,II (SJ,SY) 4D Sedan, 05.76-09.83
ACCORD II (AC/AD) 3D Hatchback, 09.83-10.85
ACCORD II (AC/AD) 4D Sedan, 09.83-10.85
ACCORD III (CA4) 3/4D Sedan/Coupe, 11.85-12.89
ACCORD III (CA5) 3D Aerodeck, 11.85-12.89
ACCORD IV (CB) 4D Sedan, 11.89-10.93
ACCORD IV (CB9) 5D Aerodeck, 01.90-10.93
ACCORD IV (CC1) 3D Coupe, 01.90-10.93
ACCORD V (CC7, CD) 4D Sedan, 03.93-12.97
ACCORD V (CD7, CE7) 2D Coupe (EU), 09.93-02.98
ACCORD V (CE,CF) 4D Sedan, 09.95-10.98
ACCORD V (CE2) 5D Aerodeck, 09.93-02.98
ACCORD VI (CG2) 2D Coupe, 12.97-06.03
ACCORD VI (CG9) 4D Sedan, 03.97-12.03
ACCORD VI (CH5) 5D Hatchback, 12.99-12.02
ACCORD VII (CL7) 4D Sedan, 02.03-03.08
ACCORD VII (CM/CN) 5D Tourer, 04.03-03.08
ACCORD VIII (CU) 4D Sedan, 06.08-11.15
ACCORD VIII (CW) 5D Tourer, 03.08-11.15
CITY Saloon, 11.02-03.09
CITY V (GM) 4D Sedan, 02.09-11.13
CIVIC CRX I (AF,AS) 3D Liftback, 10.83-10.87
CIVIC CRX II (ED9/EE8) 3D Liftback, 10.87-05.92
CIVIC CRX III (EH6/EG2) 3D Liftback, 06.92-12.98
CIVIC III (AK/AU) 4D Sedan, 09.83-09.87
CIVIC III (AL/AH/AG) 3D Hatchback, 10.83-10.87
CIVIC III Shuttle (AN,AR) 5D Wagon, 08.83-12.87
CIVIC IV (EC/ED/EE) 3D Hatchback, 09.87-11.91
CIVIC IV (EC/ED/EE) 4D Sedan, 10.87-09.91
CIVIC IV Shuttle (EE) 5D Wagon, 01.88-02.95
CIVIC V (EG) 3D Hatchback, 10.91-11.95
CIVIC V (EG,EH) 4D Sedan, 10.91-12.95
CIVIC V (EJ) 2D Coupe, 08.93-03.96
CIVIC VI (EJ,EK) 3/5D Hatchback, 10.95-02.01
CIVIC VI (EJ,EK) 4D Sedan (JP), 06.95-03.01
CIVIC VI (EJ,EM1) 2D Coupe, 03.96-12.00
CIVIC VI (MA,MB) 5D Liftback (EU), 09.94-02.01
CIVIC VI Aerodeck (MB,MC) 5D Wagon (EU), 04.98-02.01
CIVIC VII (EM2) 2D Coupe (JP), 02.01-12.05
CIVIC VII (ES) 4D Sedan (JP), 12.00-04.06
CIVIC VII (EU,EP,EV) 3/5D Hatchback, 02.01-09.05
CIVIC VIII (FD,FA) 4D Sedan, 09.05-12.11
CIVIC VIII (FN/FK) 3/5D Hatchback, 10.05-09.11
CIVIC X liftback (FC_, FK), 09.16-
CIVIC, IX (FK) 3/5D Hatchback, 01.12-
CIVIC, IX (FK) 5D Tourer, 01.14-
CONCERTO (HW) 5D Liftback, 08.89-10.96
CONCERTO (MA2) 4D Sedan, 08.89-05.95
CR-V I (RD) 5D SUV, 10.95-11.01
CR-V II (RD) 5D SUV, 10.01-10.06
CR-V III (RE) 5D SUV, 10.06-10.12
CR-V IV (RM) 5D SUV , 10.12-04.15
CR-Z (ZF1) 3D Hatchback, 02.10-
FR-V (BE) 5D Compact MPV, 08.04-09.09
HR-V I (GH) 3/5D MiniSUV, 03.99-10.05
INSIGHT II (ZE2) 5D Hatchback, 01.09-10.14
INTEGRA I (DA) 3/4/5D Sedan/Liftback, 10.85-08.93
INTEGRA III (DC2) 2D Coupe, 07.93-11.01
JAZZ II (GD) 5D Hatchback, 03.02-10.08
JAZZ III (GE) 5D Hatchback , 10.08-09.13
LEGEND II (KA7) 4D Sedan, 10.90-10.95
LEGEND II (KA8) 2D Coupe, 10.90-10.95
LEGEND III (KA9) 4D Sedan, 10.95-10.04
LEGEND IV (KB1) 4D Sedan, 10.04-10.12
LOGO (GA3) 3/5D Hatchback, 10.98-09.01
ODYSSEY Mini Passenger Van, 09.04-12.10
ODYSSEY [USA] Mini Passenger Van, 09.10-
ODYSSEY [USA] Mini Passenger Van, 09.98-12.04
PRELUDE II (AB) 2D Coupe, 11.82-09.87
PRELUDE III (BA3-7) 2D Coupe, 04.86-10.91
PRELUDE IV (BB1-4) 2D Coupe, 09.91-10.96
PRELUDE V (BB5-9) 2D Coupe, 11.96-10.01
S2000 I,II (AP1/2) 2D Cabriolet, 04.99-10.09
SHUTTLE I (RA1-5) 5D MPV, 10.94-10.99
STREAM I (RN1-5) 5D CMPV, 10.00-10.06

Selection 4

Selection 5

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