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Products obtained only with options 1, 2, 3, 4, and optionally also in the presence of 5 and 6

Selection 3

CARENS I (RS-FC) 5Door Minivan 11.00-07.02
CARENS I (RS-FJ) 5Door Minivan, 07.02-09.06
CARENS II (UN) 5Door Minivan, 10.06-03.13
CARENS III (RP) 5Door Minivan, 03.13-
CARNIVAL I (KV-UP) 5Door MPV, 06.98-10.01
CARNIVAL I (KV-GQ) 5Door MPV, 10.01-10.06
CARNIVAL II (VQ) 5Door MPV, 10.06-04.14
CEE'D I (ED) 3/5Door Hatchback, 10.06-07.09
CEE'D I (ED) 5Door StationWagon, 10.06-07.09
CEE'D I (ED) 3/5Door Hatchback/Wagon, 08.09-08.12
CEE'D II (JD) 3/5Door Hatchback/Wagon, 09.12-
CERATO I (LD) 4/5Door Sedan/Wagon, 02.04-10.08
CERES (FT) 2Door Raamauto, 10.83-10.99
CLARUS I (K9A) 4Door Sedan 07.96-08.99
CLARUS II (GC) 4Door Sedan , 05.98-09.01
FORTE (HD), 08.08-
FORTE (YD), 07.12-
JOICE (EG) 5Door MPV, 08.99-02.02
MAGENTIS I (FS) 4Door Sedan, 12.00-09.05
MAGENTIS II (DD) 4Door Sedan, 09.05-08.08
MAGENTIS II (DD) 4Door Sedan, 05.08-04.10
NIRO, 07.16-
OPIRUS (EH) 4Door Sedan, 07.03-07.09
OPTIMA (JF), 10.15-
OPTIMA III (TF) 4Door Sedan, 11.10-10.15
PICANTO I (BC) 5Door Hatchback, 02.04-08.07
PICANTO I (BC) 5Door Hatchback, 08.07-01.11
PICANTO II (TA) 5Door Hatchback, 02.11-10.14
PICANTO, 03.17-
RIO I (DC) 4/5Door Sedan/Wagon, 04.00-07.02
RIO I (DC) 4/5Door Sedan/Wagon, 07.02-06.05
RIO II (JB) 4/5Door Sedan/Wagon, 04.05-05.11
RIO III (UB) 3/4/5D Sedan/Hatchback, 06.11-05.15
RIO, 11.16-
SEPHIA I (FA) 4D Sedan, 02.96-10.97
SEPHIA II (FB) 4D Sedan, 10.97-05.01
SEPHIA II (FB) 4D Sedan, 05.01-08.04
SHUMA I (FB) 4/5D Sedan/Hatchback, 03.96-05.01
SHUMA II (FB) 4/5D Sedan/Hatchback, 05.01-05.04
SORENTO (UM), 12.14-
SORENTO I (JC) 5Door SUV, 05.02-06.06
SORENTO I (JC) 5Door SUV, 04.06-08.09
SORENTO II (XM) 5Door SUV, 05.09-10.12
SORENTO II (XM) 5Door SUV, 11.12-09.14
SOUL I (AM) 5Door Compact SUV, 10.08-07.11
SOUL I (AM) 5Door Compact SUV, 07.11-07.13
SOUL II (PS) 5Door Compact SUV, 07.13-
SPECTRA (LD), 01.05-12.08
SPECTRA I (FB) 4Door Sedan (US), 05.01-08.04
SPORTAGE (QL), 09.15-
SPORTAGE I (JA) 3/5Door SUV, 07.93-07.99
SPORTAGE I (JA) 3/5Door SUV, 08.99-12.02
SPORTAGE II (JE) 5Door SUV, 08.04-02.10
SPORTAGE III (SL) 5Door SUV, 06.10-09.15
VENGA I (YN) 5Door Mini MPV, 10.09-10.14

Selection 4

Selection 5

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