• AllCar OÜ - Importer, manufacturer and wholesaler of car parts. There are more than 200 different manufacturers in our range. Many of these manufacturers are subcontracting partners for car factories, and their products are used as a primary assembly for automotive assembly lines.
  • Body parts are the core group of our range of products.
  • AllCar OÜ has more than 600 dealers and partners in Estonia, Finland and Northwest Russia. Our partners are car dealers, wholesale companies, car part store chains, car parts shops, car repair companies and transport companies, and large car fleet companies. We can also find the products we bring to the land from the product catalogs of many online trading companies. All the products we bring to the country are visible in our ordering catalog at www.allcar.ee. All of the products in our catalog that are stocked are available in our warehouses in real time. We have nearly 3,000 m2 of storage space in Estonia.
  • The spare parts that we produce and are offered by our dealers are divided into eight large groups.
  • 1. Body parts
  • 2. Parts of the cooling system
  • 3. Undercarriage and steering parts
  • 4. Braking system components
  • 5. Lighting equipment and automotive electronics
  • 6. Parts of the fuel system
  • 7. Transmission
  • 8. Accessories, auto chemistry
  • The products in the selection fall into four categories:
  • 1. Original parts (OE). Details that are installed by car manufacturers for primary assembly and are mostly in the car manufacturer's original packaging.
  • 2. Original parts for aftermarket service (OE Service and OEM Service Parts) The products are intended for use in brand services and are manufactured in compliance with the requirements for primary mounting parts. The products may differ from then the car manufacturers primary assembly products (modified or unified). For example, instead of several different radiators, one more universal one is being used to reduce the number of products in production and stock. Such products usually come into production in 1-3 years after the car model is released. Such products also substitute OE products when OE products have a design or durability effect. Products may be packaged in bulk (multiple products in one package and may not have a single OE logo.)
  • 3. Original parts supplied by the manufacturer (OEM). The products come from the same production line as the OE products, but are not packaged with the Car Brand logo. Mostly in the manufacturer's own packaging or in an anonymous package. Products may have car brand logos and product codes. (mostly removed.) Products are also packaged in the customer's packaging (Product Brands)
  • 4. Aftermarket or so-called "B" spareparts. The products are of very different quality. Some of them also exceed original parts in quality, but mostly agreements with international standards are followed. Quality products and their manufacturers in this group have international certifications and are recognized by special approval companies (eg ISO, TÜV or TUV Thatcham and TUV Rheinland) or are approved by car manufacturers. The quality of the products in this group depends on the manufacturer, the customer and the purpose of the product being marketed. (whether standards are exceeded or simply filled in) NB! The price level in a given group does not guarantee quality in any way. A more expensive product may not be better at a lower price. There are many so-called Brand Packers in this group. A well-known brand can contain the same product as the lesser-known brand in the package (the only difference between packaged products can often be price level and packaging design). Producers are thousands of times less than packers! We recommend that you take care of products that have been labeled with vague expressions of recognized producer countries (eg Germany Parts) or tips for superior quality (eg Quality parts, Super High Mega Quality, etc.). (eg Made in Germany). Examples of counterfeit or unknown products may also include expressions such as: Made for…. Germany, etc. In this way, the subscriber to whom the product is produced or the manufacturer (for example, Made for Allcar or Made by Allcar) is nevertheless labeled as a country of origin. It is not worth fear if the manufacturer has proudly included Made in China on the packaging. Nearly 99% of car manufacturers are involved in this country! Also, the majority of auto parts or components are produced outside the EU. For example, South Africa, Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Canada, USA, Taiwan, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Australia, China, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Egypt, Russia etc. etc. The location of a country of production or a manufacturing plant in the current globalization process no longer determines the role of quality. The quality is determined by the agreement between the MANUFACTURER and the TELLER on the quality of the product and the materials used for its production !!!



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