1. How to register and order?

Ordering: If the goods are in stock, begin by completing the registration form (Register).
After your user account has been created, print or save your username and password so that you don't forget them.
Then log in to your account. After you have logged in, select the product group, car make and subgroup, and select the necessary detail.
Add the necessary detail to your Shopping Basket. If the desired product is currently out of stock, it is possible to track its status by adding it to your Favourites list.
By doing so, you won’t have to search for the product again each time; instead, the product can be viewed immediately in your Favourites list.
If the product in your Favourites list is once again in stock, then all you have to do is move the product to the Shopping Basket and submit your order.
Orders are submitted through the Shopping Basket module. The method of transport can be chosen in the given module, and the terms and conditions of transport are displayed therein.
After selecting a method of transport, submit your final order.
PLEASE NOTE! We ask that you please enter your information (delivery address, contact telephone, given name and last name) as precisely as possible during registration.
We ask that you check the correctness of the delivery address before submitting your order and, if necessary, make any corrections immediately. Otherwise, the spare parts you ordered may end up at the wrong address or not arrive at all (transport companies return shipped packages to us).
All submitted orders are processed automatically, products are reserved immediately.
Orders are processed round the clock in our warehouse.
PLEASE NOTE! The speed at which products are shipped also depends on how fast payment is made. Our warehouse system allows for the unbelievably fast shipping of products.
In many cases the speed at which orders are shipped is delayed by the late arrival of payment (especially orders marked “Urgent” in the case of items that are in stock).
Selection of goods: Select the corresponding spare part group catalogue from the menu on the left and follow the directions.


2. How does payment take place?

After the order has been confirmed, an e-invoice in PDF format will be sent to you for payment.

All invoices are also visible to you in your account under “Orders”. After the order is submitted, an invoice prepared for you will open immediately.

On the payment order we ask that you please mark the order/invoice number (the order number for payment is six (6) digits long and begins with the number eight (8),

the invoice number prepared from the same order begins with one (1) (the invoice is created in the system when the goods are shipped, and is sent along with the goods).


3. How does the delivery of goods take place?

- After the purchase has been made, the goods will be dispatched by the deadline or conditions (red text on the Invoice!) specified in the order.

- The cost of transport is visible in the Shopping Basket and is automatically added to the order after you make your selection, if the sum of the invoice does not qualify for free shipping or if special transport has been selected. - The cost of delivery to foreign states (outside of Estonia) shall be calculated based on the dimensions of the order, the weight, and the number of packages in the shipment, and is added to the total amount after confirmation of the Shopping Basket order.

- In the case of larger quantities of goods, agreement can be reached for free delivery using our method of transport or under special conditions (Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia).


4. What are the warranty terms and conditions for goods?

– The warranty period for all products is 6 months or longer, based on the manufacturer's terms and conditions, except in the case of products for which a set replacement interval has been established by the manufacturer (belts, spark plugs, filters...).

– The warranty covers defects in the product’s materials and manufacturing.
– The warranty does not cover normal wear (for example, the wearing of brake shoes) resulting from use.            

– The same goes for products that are installed incorrectly, poorly maintained, incorrectly used, or used in racing cars.
– Additional information on warranty and return terms and conditions.

PLEASE NOTE! Product warranties do not mean the automatic exchange of products for new products; instead, based on specific incidents, the product will be brought into conformity, under warranty, via the removal of the defect from the acquired detail or equipment!


5. What do I need to know about returning a product?



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